“Former president of the Church of Scientology’s Youth and Human Rights organization, Michelle LeClair, looked like a poster girl for the Church of Scientology. In her memoir, Perfectly Clear: Escaping Scientology and Fighting for the Woman I Love (Berkley, Oct.), LeClair describes following her mother into the Church at 15, attempts to reconcile the church’s anti-gay doctrine with her same-sex attraction, and how she finally found her way out in 2011.” —Staks Rosch, Publisher’s Weekly


“A high-profile former Scientology member tells the story of how she came to terms with her homosexuality and found the courage to leave the organization…As courageous as it is honest, the author’s tell-all book offers disturbing insights into the inner workings of a church that is as controversial as ever. A gripping narrative perfect for those seeking more information after reading Lawrence Wright’s Going Clear.”

-Kirkus Reviews

Heroic and riveting—I couldn’t put it down.

—Norman Lear

Perfectly Clear makes it perfectly clear what it means to choose truth over compromise. Michelle LeClair’s story of betrayal, an unjust justice system that held her life captive, the temptation to give up on what she knew was right, and through it all, how she remained a strong, loving mother and partner, inspires us to be clear about what we believe, and to put our faith in truth and love.”

—Pat Mitchell, Former President and CEO of PBS and Curator of TEDWOMEN

“Perfectly Clear  is the incredible, courageous true story of a woman who was at the top of the world running a multimillion-dollar life insurance company that was shattered by intolerance, deceit, and betrayals. The story of a loving mother and mistreated wife who found her truest love in the arms of a woman who stood by her unconditionally. The story of a woman who pledged allegiance to a religion that promised world peace and joy but caused her to flee trembling in anger and fear that evolved into the strength she needed to stand up and speak out loud. Perfectly Clear grabs your heart from the beginning to end. It will inspire millions of people to stay in the fight for Truth.

-Debbie Allen

“A tragic story that adds to our understanding of the abuse and exploitation that are part of the culture of the Church of Scientology.”

-Lawrence Wright, Author of the National Bestseller, “Going Clear: Scientology, Hollywood and the Prison of Belief”

“Michelle LeClair is an openly queer Scientologist who thought she could have it all. She was very, very wrong…Even those who've read and seen Going Clear, or are familiar with Leah Remini's various anti-Scientology outlets, will be shocked by LeClair's experiences and Scientology's influence on powerful LA organizations such as the police and the district attorney's office.”

–Windy City Times